variables for a process
a sculptural element that implies a relationship between itself and the viewers behaviour
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sunrise event

While walking this summer I passed through many kissing gates.
Does anyone know the orign of these gates or where the name comes from. - Charlotte

There is nothing romantic about this term. The pair of gates when closed together touch each other i.e. 'kiss'. The term kissing is used widely in a whole range of engineering applications. - Rosemary P

As someone who tires easily on long walks, all I can say is there are TOO MANY f*****g kissing gates. - Ted

Passed many of these gates whilst walking with my lovely partner and our dog. I just made one in our garden. - Preston

The purpose of the kissing gate is to enclose livestock without having to rely on usless townies having the presence of mind to close the damn gate behind them. It is an alternative to the stile. The term derives from the fact that the gate "kisses" the stops at the two extremes of its travel. This has not prevented the dewey eyed and lovestruck from using this purely functional object as an excuse for public display of affection. - Pete

I don't accept the explanation of the gate 'kissing' the 'curved' bit either side. Sure, it does so, but all gates 'kiss' the fixed bit of the gate when they close anyway. - Patrick

Passing through gates hand in hand is symbolic of a relationship (see Jane Austin's Mansfield Park for some heavy gate symbolism). - Di
performing meaningless gestures
from flat strips
of clay
first form
first strike