Charlotte Taillet is a London-based designer.


Charlotte Taillet
81A Deptford Hight Street
SE8 4AA London, UK

Extended Portfolio

Website for a radio station broadcasting irregular transmission.

Website a work presentation at the Werkplaats Typografie.

The Box exhibition at the Werkplaats Typografie.

Publication and flyers producted in collaboration with Joel Colover
on how to approch FM and online radio and what it can be as an infrastructure. to order a copy: WT Shop

Speelplaats Mushroom
Workshop hosted with Katherine Ball on how to grow edible mushrooms.

Research following on from the idea that function and design
are bound up to become variable for social impact.

MMKA Breathing Space
Identity for the exhibition Breathing space curated
by Natalie Kepler and Inez Piso in MMKA.

The Process was a joy to Watch
18* is the internal magazine of Werkplaats Typografie. Leading the issue 16, with the title:
The Process was a Joy to Watch, I intended to focus on development of proto-types.

How Does a Machine Work?#3. Glass Bowl Series
Things also shape us, deconstruct the usual process of a glass-blower.
Instead of using all the tools at once, I have asked her to use a different for each glass.
to order a copy: WT Shop

How Does a Machine Work?#2. Cushion set
Each cushions are exploring the translation from a printing research
into an everyday object.

Webpage that explores ways of reading a content, questioning a notion of process as a way of learning.

How Does a Machine Work?#1. Archive of a process
Research on a printing process.

Ruler Alphabet
Typeface research made out of a combination of different plastic alphabet ruler.